In October, 1996, CADVision was the one of the first ISPs in North America launch consumer and corporate ADSL, effectively inexpensive broadband Internet. ADSL is a technology that is delivered by placing high speed modems over a bare copper line. The closer the modems are together, the faster the service runs. Our initial product had a top download speed of 7000 kbps.

CADVision lacked external financing, business growth was based on cash flow. To create a network to cover the City of Calgary, 280 sq miles, required resourcefulness. CADVision setup DSL hubs near most of the telco centers, sometimes in residences or churches, to role the network out. The key was to get the network as big, fast and readily available quickly.  Time was of the essence.

How to Build a High Speed Network with No Money

It was not enough that we had the technology, the next thing we did was drive the price through the floor. Often 80% less that competing T1 services. The immediate result was an mass migration of businesses moving their corporate networks to ADSL. Overnight, CADVision took out the Calgary T1 broadband Internet market. This proved critical when the business orientated ISP PSINet bought us.

Corporate Market Domination
ADSL - 2000K and 7000K