CADVision took the time and energy to personally educate over 20,000 customers with in house seminars and classes. They would run in evening, on the weekends as Open Houses, or even at the IMAX Theatre. Seminars would cover everything from searching, gaming, chatting to genealogy, fishing, and traveling. They were massively popular, free, and everyone was welcome.

CADVision also gave free seminars to schools, colleges, churches, and charities. Either the president or one of the staff would venture out and give up to a 2 hour show with the sole purpose of educating users on how the Internet was of value to them, customized to their needs.

Educate Everyone - No Exceptions

CADVision presented over 30 sold out shows at the Internet IMAX in Eau Claire market in Calgary. On a giant measuring almost 100 feet across, a mouse is as big as a person. 300 people enjoyed each and every show, from gaming to investing. Q&A was strongly encouraged.

Internet at the IMAX!
Internet Education 20,000+ Strong