CADVision Infrastructure

Dial up

  1. BulletADSL via Paradyne hardware

  2. BulletUsed dedicated copper lines

  3. BulletTop speed was 7000K

  4. BulletAverage speed was 2000K

  5. BulletTop range 6 km with MVL


  1. BulletIBM RS6000 AIX Servers

  2. BulletLinux PCs with Raid disk arrays

  3. BulletEmail, Newsgroups, Hosting

  4. BulletCustom products like FamilyNet

  5. BulletGame servers such as Kali

  6. BulletSophisticated quality control


  1. Bullet14.4K, 28.8K, 56K or v.90

  2. BulletInitially used consumer grade

  3. BulletUpgraded to rack mount design

  4. BulletAlmost 5000 phone lines

  5. BulletExtremely cost effective

  6. Bullet12:1 Modem to customer ratio

  7. BulletVery few busy signals