1. Bullet1990 Founded with rent money

  2. Bullet1995 Entered into ISP market

  3. Bullet2000 User base reaches 60,000+

  4. Bullet2000 Acquired by PSINet



1990 - CADVision founded in 1990 with University rent money

1991 - CADVision specializes in Networking and Training

1993 - CADVision co-locates with Calgary Unix Users Group with their academic Internet

1994 - Internet seminars launched educating the public as to the value of the Internet

1995 - CADVision is the first to launch flat rate Internet usage, $89 / year

1996 - CADVision is the first private ISP to launch low cost ADSL

1997 - FamilyNet was one of the first products to use content filters to protect customers

1998 - GetDomain and GetHosting launched

1999 - CADVision teaches Internet to almost 20,000 people in seminars and open houses

2000 - Customer based surpasses 60,000 customers

2000 - Acquired by PSINet Canada for serious exit

2000 - CADVision & Founder awarded Entrepreneur of the Year

2001 - PSINet Canada Acquired by Telus

CADVision Internet became one of Canada’s most successful ISPs

CADVision Key Milestones and Developments

Key Events

Geoffrey Shmigelsky

Founder, former CEO